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Cheltenham Branch of the G&B

Part of the Gloucester & Bristol D. A. C. B. R.

Aims and Objectives

From the Association Annual Report:

  • To promote the ringing of bells for Divine Service.
  • To practise ringing to obtain a higher standard of ringing.
  • To educate the public in the art and science of change ringing.

“Make Cheltenham Branch the envy of others in the Association”

Mike Clifford as outgoing joint ringing master, 2003.

Cheltenham Branch, G&B
Cheltenham Branch, G&B
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Next Event

In 16 days time
Branch AGM at St Mark's, Cheltenham - CANCELLED

St. Mark, Cheltenham, St. Mark

For more details on events, see the programme.

Current Notices 2

  • CCCBR Guidance during Coronavirus Pandemic
  • All Branch events for the foreseeable future are cancelled

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What's New?

April 2020
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December 2019
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This Branch is a division of the Gloucester & Bristol D. A. C. B. R. (Rule 15.i), and as part of the Association it is therefore covered by Registered Charity number 281431.

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