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Items last updated: Thursday, 9th July 2020.

Latest Guidance Regarding 4th July

3 July

We had a further update from the Church of England Recovery Group last night that Public Health England (PHE) now wants to issue specific guidance about bell ringing but they will not be able to publish it until next week. They expect it to be based on what we have produced. Although the Church has published guidance, which we shared, they are understandably nervous about ringing this weekend in advance of PHE publication, especially if it gets into the press.

We had a conference call with Brendan McCarthy and Mark Betson of the Recovery Group this morning and whilst they stressed that anything published is guidance not instruction, they would really appreciate us waiting to restart ringing until after the PHE guidance is published. Given this is a new relationship that could be very important to us, we do not want to rock this boat for the sake of a week and some disappointment.

In the meantime, we have accumulated all of the questions we have received from ringers on the current guidance into a set of FAQs which we have publish on the website. This will include such things as why the guidance is still 2m rather than 1m, and whether family members can ring on adjacent bells. That can be found here:

We are studying the Scottish, Welsh and Irish guidance but in all cases church opening appears to be on a slower timetable than the Church of England. 

Simon Linford
President, CCCBR 

1 July

The Church of England has published its guidance on opening church buildings from 4th July. The document is not obvious from the main Government advice yesterday, leaving many to speculate that bells had been missed after all, however one of the accompanying documents details the procedures for opening Cathedrals and church buildings to the public from 4th July and says the following:

Can church bells be rung?

Yes, provided that guidance agreed between the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and the Church of England is followed. Please ensure your ringers have read the guidance and undertaken the ringing risk assessment.

The full document can be found here:

This is UK Government and Church of England guidance. We will be following up and looking for equivalent guidance for other territories.

Simon Linford
President CCCBR

Published: 02/07/2020, Expires: 31/08/2020

CCCBR Guidance during Coronavirus Pandemic

For the full set of Central Council resources and guidance during the Coronavirus pandemic, and the latest news, please track their website at

Published: 01/04/2020, Expires: 30/12/2020

All Branch events for the foreseeable future are cancelled

Dear Ringers,

All Branch events for the foreseeable future are cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The following notice has been put on BellBoard:

Coronavirus: UK ringing should now be cancelled

"The UK government has advised against all unnecessary social contact with immediate effect. The Prime Minister advised in a press conference of 16th March that now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.

"The Central Council has released a statement in response to the UK government. They advise that If you haven’t already decided to cancel ringing activities, it seems that now is the time to do so. The Ringing World agrees with this statement. It is hard to interpret the government’s guidance in any way other than that all planned ringing activities in the UK should now cease."

Cheltenham Branch Secretary

Published: 16/03/2020, Expires: 30/12/2020

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